Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm so "Deep"

I love creating things that have depth, texture and dimension. Some of the texture just "happens" as a by-product of using recycled materials. Sometimes the more beat up something is, the finer it looks when I'm done with my techniques. I love to redo a good Goodwill find - did you get that?! For instance this "hope" piece has lots of neat brushstroke texture because I gessoed right over the existing frame and painting and made my own. Goodbye butt-ugly landscape, hello hopeful lady! Some might say I've gone "green" by reusing old materials. But I know the truth: I'm extremely cheap! I love to find a good bargain. I have ridiculously low standards when it comes to rummaging. If it's over a price I've got set in my head, I won't buy it. Even if we're just talking about a few dollars. Oh, what am I saying?! There's no such thing as just "a few dollars" in my world. I love seeing the possibility in something others might find ugly and then fixing it up.

I also love creating depth and dimension. Although it's hard to tell, the arrow sign stands out from the background in this shadow box: I added "gemstones" to this gal's crown and it was just what she needed!

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