Thursday, September 25, 2008


These are the only two Art Dollies I have left at the moment, but I am planning on making more very soon! They are a hit with girls of all ages. And people are asking for them.
Here are a few Halloween pieces I have laying around, the deal is we aren't doing a show until November, so I don't have much way to sell them, so thought I would show a sampling here. Right now I have 5 bats all the same as shown. I have 10 cats and 5 pumpkin head dolls in various colors of clothing. And I have 4 stuffed pumpkin dolls (the skinny ones) in various fabrics. The bats are $5 and the others are $8. What a deal, huh!? e-mail me or comment if interested. -Connie

1 comment:

  1. CONNNIEEE sooo cute and you are right what a great deal! I wish I had extra money I would buy them all.. you know how I love your stuff.

    I hear you on the strolling around the fall leaves.. I have to say if I played in a leaf fort now I would probably throw my back out. HAHA jk.. Thanks for sharing :)