Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Wow, this paper was yellow, but it looks very "avocado dip"ish to me in this photo. I was trying to show you yellow and lots of it, because that's what I saw this morning - the first day back at work - the first day of preschool - getting ready for art. A bottle of yellow paint exploded in my face covering me with yellow paint.....where was the camera then???? The kids were just coming in and I was hurrying to get ready and well, I laughed anyway. But I really don't care for yellow. It doesn't look that great on me, especially on my eyebrows and glasses and mouth!!!
Purple porch - have you ever seen one? Well, this is ours. I love it! I still have to finish off the round balls that screw into the tops of the posts, then I'll show you again.


  1. You're right about that green...it's not the color I saw at preschool. I'm glad you didn't let it get to you too much. God must have wanted to get the one mishap out of the way right off the bat. Sorry it had to be you.

  2. Oh if only we could laugh at things like this more often.

    I LOVE the purple steps!!!! Very cool