Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the "WOOF"

We took a few days off to go to the Great Wolf Lodge (indoor waterpark/condo) with the family. Here I am sitting by the front entrance wondering what a bear is doing there welcoming me to a wolf lodge. My kids made fun of me for the way I pronounce wolf - sounds like "woof" - silent L. But that was just the start of the various ways I was able to amuse them on the trip. I think I'm getting too old for some of my shinannigans anyway by the way my body feels today. It was fun and restful and although it did not seem to inspire me with creative ideas, I found that once back home, some great things popped into my head out of nowhere. And it is 2 days before we have a show. I'm calling it Compulsive Creative Crunch - because it happens everytime we are coming up on an art show. These ideas come flying around and have nowhere to land - no time to be brought forth into the world, except for maybe a rough pencil sketch and tossed onto a pile of other lost and left out ones, because it's crunch time!!! dang!

1 comment:

  1. Are you talking about the poodle comment...because you deserve that and you know it!
    So, are you gonna stay up late tonight painting??? I bet you are!