Saturday, April 12, 2008

Before and After

BEFORE: This is a little doll sized table and chairs I picked up somewhere along the way. It was an ugly gray and kind of beat up looking. . . not much fun.
AFTER: This is the same table and chairs with color and fun!
It's just a matter of time. . . and then what?! hmmmmm. . . . I don't know. . . but I wish I'd taken a "before" shot of this guy, too, cause he was about the same yucky color of blue that the table and chairs were.


  1. hi cOnNie!

    LOVE how you transformed the table and chairs - they look fantastic!

    I also wanted you to know that you are the WINNER of my surprise giveaway - yippee, hooray!

    please email me your mailing address and I'll get this little sweetie sent out right away!

    iN jOy,

  2. hi all, just to let you know i love the blog and visit regularly. if you dont get comments you think nobody is visiting so i thought i would take time to leave a comment. your stuff makes me smile so thanks. xx