Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Birthday Blog!

Here I am with my birthday crown on. It's from work today. At the preschool where I teach art the kids wear a birthday crown on their birthday, so they gave me one and the kids sat in a circle around me and sang Happy Birthday to me. The kids affectionately call me Grandma Berends. It was a sweet sweet time. In this photo I am holding my present from my hubby which my daughters are going to be jealous of, I'm sure. It's a new framing gun. They are constantly borrowing mine - it keeps circulating around the 3 of us - and when someone needs it, it's a game of seek and find. I am not sure if this one will go out on loan or not. ha! gotta think about it!!! aw, geez, ok, guess they know what's mine is theirs. I am so blessed, you might think this is not a very personal gift , but that guy has gotten to know me pretty good, and I appreciate him so much!!!


  1. huh! No fair! What an awesome gift!

  2. Oh Man!! I'm just going to keep the green one at my house from now on. Jill, you should consider yourself lucky that you have 2 locations to pick from to come and use it. It is it matches my house. I'm going to put it on one of those chains that's attached to my kitchen counter. Or attach a big artificial flower to the top, so someone doesn't walk off with it. Ooh, I just realized Jill has the supply of staples...

  3. HA HA HA!! (Sinister Laugh)

  4. hi cONnie!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog; you are now in the bucket!
    Happy belated birthday to you! That crown is pretty great.
    I love your whimsical style, use of color, and those adorable birds.

    I'll be back!
    iN jOy,