Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quit While You're A'head'

Here are a few new pieces. When I saw the shape of this plain brown varnished wood plaque at goodwill I immediately saw hair - and lots of it - and I just new I had to make it into a woman with a beehive-like 'do. So even though I am not the first to use this quote, the piece was pretty much screaming for it. I especially like her rosy cheeks, which gave me an excuse to try out my new box of pastels. Doesn't she just look like she's thinking heavenly thoughts?!I made this second piece from a sketch I did awhile back. I wanted the girl to look like she was half girl and half house. I don't know if I accomplished that or not. But the end result is ok anyway, although I'm not that happy with the bird in the heart. It was one of those deals where it didn't look quite finished because the heart was empty. So I thought to myself, well I'll just draw a little birdie in there. Then I drew it off center, so I tried to cover up the off centeredness by adding the stars for balance. And then that still didn't look right, so I contemplated what else I should do to liven it up, then realized maybe I'd better quit before it was totally ruined. Sometimes there's no turning back once you're committed. The key is knowing when to quit. Not sure if I quit at the right time or not. Oh well.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I REALLY could have used that first one back in 8th grade!
    2. Why don't I know when to stop? I seem to always JUST cross that line...