Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Youngest Thing with Wings

I am hereby officially asking Emily to contribute to this blog. She is the youngest of our family of women and God has made her a creative being as well. I know she is a "thing with wings"!!! Let's hear from you, EmmySue Francy Girl!


  1. umm...but what if I have NOTHING!!?!?!? I'll need to think about what I could contribute. I realize that I have maybe only put 1 post up. And I need to realize that God has given me different creative things than you guys...although I wish I could do what y'all do. :) hmmm...

  2. Wierd, I've been thinking the same thing recently! That you need to step up to the plate here! What I think would be really cool is to let us all in on your creative process for songwriting. I'm not talking about the finished polished piece, but your thought process along the way. That would be really interesting.

  3. Yes, Jill, I was thinking that, too. Even some of her prayers, thoughts, funny happenings - it's all artblog material!!!