Monday, February 18, 2008

I've Developed a Green Thumb!

See this dirty green thumb? This thumb that has actually just been washed, believe it or not? Do you know what it means?!

Do you understand how beautiful it is in all its painty goodness?

First off, let me reassure you folks, it is still very much attached to its owner, despite what the picture may suggest. There haven't been any cooking knife catastrophes around here (lately.)

And no, it does not mean I've started my first garden - which would be a mighty feat considering all the snow we have. It's not that kind of green thumb.

Nor have I contracted any kind of fungus, thank goodness.

What this thumb means is that I'm actually working on some art today - pieces that have been in the works for weeks. These same pieces that I go downstairs and stare at almost daily when I have a free moment, then turn my back on, in favor of computer time. Yes, I've been neglectful - they know it and I know it, but I'm back now to finish them up soon. Well, that's my plan today, anyway.

I've been in this shlump for weeks - probably due to the interrupted sleep that's become a nightly routine - where I don't know whether to give it a break, or push through and do something creative anyways, even though I don't feel like it. Well today I'm pushing through, baby, and mommy likey!

Does this mean that I've awakened from my creative coma? Oh, most certainly not. I'm sure I'll be going back to my ho-hums tomorrow, in fact I hear a baby waking up on the monitor right now. But for today, I'll go with it.

By the way, if your thumb doesn't look like this after you're done makin' stuff, then ya must not be doin' it right.


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  2. on the last line of your post...AMEN, Sista!!

  3. wow. You're a maniac. You know what I do when my thumb looks like that? Paint that nail a bright neon color! No one seems to notice the gunk in the cracks!! Wahoo!!!!