Monday, October 22, 2007

God Made Everything...

My boys brought home these flowers from AWANA's to illustrate the concept that God made everything beautiful. And aren't we glad?! I'm so amazed by God's creativity, and that He would allow me to be just the tiniest bit so. I'm also seeing evidence that my kids are very creative beings. For instance Will noticed that this flower looks like a lady. Yep, it sure does!!! This gal reminds me of two things: the flowers in a disney movie - I think it's Alice in Wonderland, and this site that Laura found: Faces in Places. (Maybe I should submit it?!) Would I have taken the time to notice this sweet bud on my own? Most probably not. It's so awesome when we can be delighted by the unexpected. Even more so when it's revealed to us through the eyes of our children.

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