Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spot and Share!

We love, Love, LOVE when you guys spot some of our work and share it with us! 

We've had spottings and photos sent to us from all around the country and that never fails to blow our minds!

Here's some of our mom rules for "This Thing Called Family" that a Facebook friend spotted:

Gabby's Gifts - Galena, IL

This sighting of TTCF is super cool because this shop is owned by Leigh Standley DiBernardo AKA Curly Girl Design.

Marmalade - Belmont, MA

TTCF in a Marriott gift shop, LAX (spotted by one of our mother-in-laws!)

We spotted some of our alphabet tiles for TTCF, spelling the words "fun, "bones" and "candy" in this spooky store display!

Broadbent Gifts - Cadiz, KY

Our Welcome sign for TTCF appears in this super cool wall photo - we were tagged on Instagram!

Recently Green Girl Laura herself was watching House Hunters on HGTV and one of the houses had our "Believe" sign from TTCF hanging in the laundry room!

Ya'll are also great at sending us photos of our original pieces in your homes!
 It means the world to us that you would take the time to share these!

A friend's gallery wall featuring 2 of our original pieces.

customized home piece, hung on Becky's covered porch in Greeneville, TN

customized and coordinating welcome sign and house numbers

an original ABC's for the preschool Mama Winger used to work at!  Hung down low just for little peeps to look at!

ABC's hung in a home school room - Kodiak Island, Alaska

"Buddy the Cat loves his new picture!" from Amanda in Greeneville, TN

We want to know if you are out and about shopping and come across one of our lines in a store: This Thing Called Family by DEMDACO or {Enjoy} the Little Things by C.R. Gibson.  Snap a photo of the display!  

We would also love to see how our licensed work or our originals look in your home! 

There are lots of ways you can share your photos with us.  We'd love to pass them along and re-share them with everyone! You are always welcome to share in the following ways:

You can share a photo on our Things With Wings Facebook page.
Tag us @thingswithwings on Instagram.
Email photos to paperprayers@hotmail.com

Anytime!  Seriously!

BIG thanks to all of you who take the time to thrill us with your photos!

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