Monday, April 14, 2014

"Gifts-to-Go" with Magnet Works

Magnets Works has a great blog about all of the fun things they're doing! Check out their most recent post about retail displays and merchandising.   We're thrilled that the post features a few of our favorite new MatMates!

One of their great suggestions for retailers is to create easy and fun"gifts-to-go" for their customers by pulling related items together.  For example, below they've rolled up MatMates, (I see our "Hello/Goodbye" mat and our "Creativity Takes Courage" mat!) tied them with twine and then added another corresponding gift.  

photo courtesy of Magnet Works

Here's what the two mats {featured above}* look like when unrolled:
Hello/Goodbye mat available here!

Creativity Mat available here!

*There are 8 different MatMates featuring Things With Wings designs.  Come check out the entire collection!

Leave us a comment - If you were giving our hello/goodbye mat as a housewarming gift, what would you pair it with? We'll share your awesome suggestions!

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