Friday, November 29, 2013

Little Birdy

Emily Ward is the lead designer of “Little Birdy”, a business that creates uniquely designed cards for the purpose of supporting and raising awareness towards human trafficking. Emily lives in Austin, Texas and is also a worship leader at the Austin Stone Community Church and works as a caregiver to special needs kids. She is the youngest "winger" in the Things with Wings family.

As I walked the streets of New Orleans, I could not help but break down inside for the women we came across.  Young women, girls, standing outside gentlemen's clubs, barely wearing anything, trying to entice anyone who would look their way. My heart continued to break as I looked at one of the girls, whose face looked so sad. I could tell that she did not want to be there. We continued to walk down Bourbon Street, club after club, girl after girl standing outside dancing, shouting out to anyone walking by, just wanting any kind of attention.   
This was in the middle of the day.
I just prayed and prayed for each of those girls and couldn't stop thinking about them the rest of the weekend.

When I came back to Austin, I prayed that I would find an organization who ministers to women and who stands up against human trafficking.  I heard about Redeemed Ministries and knew right away that I wanted to get connected with them. They call the girls they meet with "Sparrows" and I just happened to get a sparrow tattoo on my arm the week before hearing about them!   I started praying about ways I could support this ministry and God made it very clear that He wanted me to use the promise cards that I had been making to encourage these precious "Sparrows".  That maybe a promise or scripture would encourage their hearts somehow. Redeemed Ministries gives out gift bags to the women when they meet them and in the bags are special gifts for them...ranging from playing cards, finger nail polish, lotions, toothbrushes, games and other things that they would want or need.  It was heavy on my heart to see these women receive some promise cards in their gift bags.  Cards that they could keep in their rooms, hang on their mirrors to be reminded of what is true about God and about themselves.

One thing led to another and now I have a new business, a new website, a new team, and a new mission. I am praying that all of this would bring much glory to Jesus. He is the one who saves.

So here is the deal…
My new business is called “Little Birdy”.

This is a great way for you to get involved in helping out!

We are selling both Christmas Cards and Promise Cards:

Christmas Cards:

Promise Cards: (the front has a promise and the back is blank for you to write an encouraging note...or use as a postcard.)

For every card that is sold we will be donating both cards and money to organizations that fight against human trafficking.
Our first “partner” is Redeemed Ministries in Texas and we are actively seeking other organizations in other parts of the country to partner with.
Our purpose for this business is to make creative cards and gifts that will point to Jesus and to the truth of scripture to encourage and bless, but also to raise awareness and to come alongside these organizations to free women and children from the bonds of sexual slavery and trafficking.  Over time we will be adding more cards as well as bookmarks, magnets and other fun special gifts!
Please check out our website to see many more designs and know that your purchase goes directly to organizations helping women all around the country.
Please get the word out by following us on facebook and twitter. Word of mouth is our best advertising so we appreciate the kind words!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are so thankful for all of you!
You who have been our cheerleaders.  You who have been instrumental in growing Things With Wings beyond our local area.  You who have used a special message to bless someone else with an artful gift.   You who have told us a story that has shown us God's goodness.  You who have brought us joy.

Most days around here seem pretty ordinary.  But when I look back over the past year and remember how much has happened and changed, I realize how extraordinary it has been, how extraordinary God is, and I am humbled with gratitude. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Before and After

Do you all remember this sad old lamp I showed you all on Facebook, back in August?  It came from a thrift store here in town called Houseworks and I spent $7.50 on it.   I loved the shape of the base and knew it had to come home with me.  That day I also found this mirror for $15.  SCORE!

We decided to spray paint the base of the lamp an islander blue color.  The white shade came off of the previous lamp we had in the same spot.  (The base had broke but there was still some life left in the shade!) Originally I thought I would paint the mirror frame too, but the more I got used to it in our space the more I realized that it complimented the accents of orange we've got going on and it blended well with our dining room set.  

Here's what the lamp and mirror look like today:

We love how it turned out!
Ah, the power of paint!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beaverdale Holiday Boutique

Here are a few photos of our display at last weekend's Beaverdale Holiday Boutique in Des Moines.  We had a great time as always!  Everyone is so nice and welcoming.  

We've been doing this show long enough now that we began before our start with DEMDACO.  Many families who we see from year to year have watched us grow and are so excited for us and "This Thing Called Family."  They tell us where they've seen ttcf and we know they are extra happy to have an original…or two…..or three!  :-)

One woman in particular mentioned that she'd been praying for us that our business would expand beyond the local area because these were messages that needed to get heard.  I think God was listening!  :-)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beaverdale Holiday Boutique 2013

This weekend we'll be at the 26th annual Beaverdale Holiday Boutique in Des Moines, Iowa!

We'll be in our same, "usual" spot:  Room 1 of the North Pole!

Friday, November 15th - 6:00-8:30 p.m. 

Saturday, November 16th - 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Admission = $4 (Children 12 and under are free.)
Please no strollers.

Come Friday night for the best selection, (it is open to the public!) and you'll still have the rest of your weekend free!

To keep up to date with this event and/or invite your friends, RSVP via Facebook!  

We'd love your help in spreading the word!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Winners Announced and a Feature Over on The Macs!

Winners were chosen for the big giveaway of our new Christmas cards over on (In)Courage!   Congrats to all of the lucky winners!
Winners, we would LOVE to know what item from "This Thing Called Family"'s Christmas collection you chose along with your set of cards - so leave us a comment!

Check out Jess McClenahan's blog called "The Macs!"  She wrote a post on preparing her home and her heart for the upcoming celebration of Jesus' birth!  We are so thankful for her kind words about our nativity, garland,  and our cards, plus her photography is beautiful!  Don't you just LOVE how she paired our garland with those white strands and their family photos?!  The chalkboard wall makes the perfect backdrop!  Does it give you any ideas for your own decorating?!

Jess Mclenehan's home 

Jess is offering a code to her readers for 25% off our entire DEMDACO line of "This Thing Called Family" through Dayspring!   Go check out more cool photos of her home on her blog and get the code!