Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Off to Market!

Today we leave for Atlanta!   Woo Hoo!!

We'll be attending the International Gift and Home Furnishings Market to visit the DEMDACO showroom on Thursday and Friday!  We can't wait to connect with retailers and see all of the new "This Thing Called Family!"

We are THRILLED to be able to meet some of the retailers who have made "This Thing Called Family" a success!  You deserve our utmost thanks and appreciation!  If you see us (we'll have some artsy, things-with-wings-decorated lanyards for our badges!) and we're being goofy, or just acting like we don't know what we're supposed to be doing (that happens a lot) please put us out of our misery and introduce yourselves!  We'd love to find out more about your shop, where you're from and what your customers are looking for!

We also hope to run into some of our favorite artsy friends who we met last year- like Holly, MichelleCaroline, Kelly Rae, LeighJessicaEmily (who we have yet to meet in person, but cannot help admire after watching her lose everything of monetary value this past year in a house fire, but gain the heavenly perspective I so deeply desire) and Cori (another new demdaco artist + friend from cyberworld who we hope to meet in person!)  I'm sure I'm forgetting people....   Some of these gals are DEMDACO artists, some have their OWN (!) showrooms (we've just been long time fans of their work) and some are artists who work with other companies, who we've connected with through Facebook this year and have become their cheerleaders.

It's such an inspiring time - can't wait to plan for the future of TTCF and feed off of the creative energy of so many talented people!

If you'd like to follow our adventure over the next couple of days, join us on our Things With Wings facebook page!  There's bound to be something that happens to us that will either be funny/embarrassing/confusing/slightly disturbing/ or mildly entertaining.  You can pretty much bet you'll either be glad you're not there, blushing for us, laughing at us, smiling with us, or cheering us on.  At least several of those I can almost guarantee.

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