Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Using Up my Paper Scraps

 Remember how I showed you this picture on facebook of some 'canvases' that I had started working on? This first layer was made by putting together a whole bunch of leftover strips of different patterned paper.  
So pretty!

Everybody wants to know what I did next!  Since this picture got so many great comments and questions, I decided to show you the process from start to finish!  Many of you thought they were very pretty as is - and I agree - but that was not the end I had in mind!

Here's what my unfinished wood looked like at the start:

Then I went to my scrap stash where I keep leftover pieces from other projects that I think I might be able to use someday.  I noticed I had accumulated quite a few long skinny strips!

So I just randomly mod-podged them to my boards.  There are strips of vintage dictionary pages interspersed on every piece too.

In progress:

Almost there:


This one is my favorite!


  1. Love your unique style. I too, work on pine boards and enjoy the endless possibilities of paper scraps. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love them all ! Your work is so cool

  3. Wow aren't they great, I love this one the most too! Such a clever idea.

  4. So fun to see!!! I LOVE "in progress" pictures! The journey is just as important as the finished product! Great job!