Monday, August 6, 2012

Pillow Giveaway - Vote for Your Fav!


This week we're giving away our "Choose Joy" pillow!  Two giveaways, two weeks in a row?!  Aw, yeah!!!

Choose Joy | 17.5 inches long | Retails around $25


-Vote for your favorite pillow in our collection, "This Thing Called Family!"  Here's how:

-Look at all the fun pillows below!!!  Click on the pic of the pillow you like best and hit the facebook "Like" button for that pillow!  

-One winner/"liker" will be randomly chosen from the pillow with the most facebook votes - SOOOO it might be to your advantage to share your favorite pillow with your friends and get them to vote too!!!! 

-The winner will receive the "Choose Joy" pillow pictured above.

-The winner will be announced Thursday night, August 9th at 10pm CST. 

-Be fair, please - like only ONE pillow!

Here are the nominees.  Click on your favorite one + "like" :

Good Luck and may the best pillow win!


  1. Love them all but my fav is the Be happy Be You!! But really, they are all just "maavalous"!! ha

  2. I love them all but especially the do all things with love.. great quote and adorable polka dots = fabulous pillow combo :)

  3. I love them all too (obviously) HA! You should do more green/blue pillows in the near future :) Whimsical pillows!! I will have to ponder on sayings, although I am sure you have a few up your sleeve!!

  4. ooh, they're all so cool! if i have to pick ONE, i'll go with "do what you love" - lots of color & pattern, and it's what i'm doing with my life now! :)

  5. Ok in my latest revelation.. I love the one that says do what u love.
    teresa norway

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE these pillows!!!! my favorite is definitely the owl one! i am TOTALLY in love with owls and I love the colors!!! all of these pillows are so cute and add that special touch to any room!!!

  7. I love love love the Be Happy, Be You. its just amazing what a little message could do to someones life :)

  8. They are all wonderful for me, but if I have to choose, it would have to be "Do all things with Love". x

  9. Do ALl Things with Love.
    Love and thank you!