Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Room" Magazine, June 2012

We are so excited to see Laura's custom mirror frame featured in June's issue of "Room" magazine!  The Press-Citizen puts out this monthly magazine, featuring ideas and inspiration from homes in our area. 

The home is a beautiful retreat on Lake Macbride, built by Rocca Custom Homes.  The frame was commissioned by the owners to go in their kids' bathroom and is full of personal words, phrases and images that are special to them and their kids.  You can read more about the home in the "Room" magazine article.  It starts on page 11 and Laura's mirror is mentioned on page 21-22.

You can see many more pics of the frame, including lots of fun, close-up details and Laura's feelings on creating this piece by reading her earlier blog post.

Congrats, Green Girl!

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