Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You & Me - a Before and After - Bedroom Sneak Peek

A long time ago, I posted a pic on facebook of these thrift store finds above.  In fact, it was over a YEAR ago, if you can believe it.  Ever since then, that gold frame with the round opening has been haunting me- just waiting for the perfect project. 

I finally found it.

But first I'll show you what our bedroom looked liked before.  When we repainted, the one and only sad side-effect was that the vinyl wall sticker that I loved so much had to come down.
 bedroom before with yellow walls + vinyl tree and bird

The project idea started with this lovely wall created by Two Girlz Stuff.  I found it on pinterest and stuck it to our "Turning a House into a Home" board for later inspiration:

I found 2 other mismatched thrift store frames that were all similar in size and painted all 3 my favorite teal green.  (The same color I used for our new family tree in the living room.)   The coordinating letters for "you & me" were free-hand cut out from my patterned paper stash and I gave the glorious ampersand the center spotlight with my gold-now-teal frame.
bedroom after with green walls and new "you & me" art!

glorious painted window on the left by artist friend Shadley Grimes

The walls really are green, I swear! But the lamplight casts so much yellow light that in these pictures and at certain times of the day it's hard to tell!  Anyway, I like it much better than the yellow it was before, so that's all that counts.  :-)

Also, I feel the need to explain that you can tell I'm not much of a fancy bed maker - so you'll have to ignore the wrinkles - or think of them as 'character.'  :-)


  1. I have that same bedding--the green! And, a couple weeks ago I received an amazing print from Laura..the "I'm glad I'm on this crazy, fun...journey with you". I was trying to explain to her the colors in my bedding and she hit it right on the nose!! It looks absolutely wonderful-favorite part of my room:) Oh how I love your work!