Monday, April 16, 2012

Brown-Papered Goodness Revealed!

This weekend we attended a family wedding celebration for our cousin Lacey.  On Saturday I teased ya'll with this picture on facebook of the TWW present all wrapped up in its brown-papered goodness.  (It's a well known fact....within our family, anyway.....that if you receive something wrapped in this paper, something special is inside!)

For the ribbon I just took a bunch of random scraps- old lace, yarn and trimmings - from my stash that coordinated with the card and tied them in a sweet bow.

Lacey just finished graduate school at Iowa State and will be a doctor of veterinary medicine.  Since they are both passionate animal lovers, (honeymooning on an African safari!) I HAD to include their pets:

And here are the two love birds:

Congrats to Lacey and John!


  1. Love the way that wrap looks! The textures look amazing and I love the colors of everything!

  2. Oh this is such a wonderful gift!