Monday, July 18, 2011

Work in Progress

 wonder what these are for?

wings for some....things

fun letters
stripes that stretch on....    

....and on....


  1. Sylvia thinks the first picture is "little mushroom, cupcake, dessert things."

  2. Hello very nice to meet you and your blog..I happened upon it through your artwork shown on the "Brave Girls" little birdie e-mail I received this morning.
    Thank you for this beautiful place you have created, I so enjoyed and loved every minute of seeing your work and reading your story...
    I also did a post this morning to share with my readers your most wonderful blog...
    Blessings to all and again thank you for brightening up my world..I will visit often...

  3. I just love the little sneak peaks- can't wait to see what the finished product is.