Monday, July 4, 2011

Sparkler Dancing

Happy 4th of July everybody!  Nothing expresses our patriotism quite like this video that we made a few years ago.

See these girls, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queens:

Bet you've never seen anything quite like that before!

Yes, I'm the one who doesn't like sparklers all that much.  I admit it.  But I think you'll all agree that my fellow Thing With Wingers more than make up for my lack of enthusiasm! I am a fun person....really! 

We hope your day is full of family time, good food, fireworks and fun!  Go ahead:  do a little dance when you light your sparklers!!! And if you're not up for sparkler dancing, we at least hope you're having the time of your life!


  1. Funny, I was thinking about your sparkler dancing escapades just the other day!

    Connie, you are BY FAR the best!!

  2. Absolutely LOVED it! Thanks for sharing!