Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Special Order for SB Photography

Samantha Bender of SB Photography is our favorite go-to gal when we are in need of professional photos for various reasons.  She took these pictures of us Things With Wings girls, one of which we used for our DEMDACO bio.  She took family photos of my family too, which we LOVE!  Here's one of our many favs:

Recently, we had Samantha come again - this time to take photos of our three Things With Wings studios for an upcoming magazine that we're going to be in this summer!  More on that later...

As a thank you, I had the privilege of doing a set of three panels for the Bender home.  Samantha and Stephen are in the process of finishing their basement, and will have a huge print of this Saturday Evening Post cover that lists the Beatitudes, art by Mother Corita.  LOVE it!

Sam's request was for me to create a set of three panels that use this quote,  from an untitled song by My Epic:

"What was it like when you slept, did the rocks come close and the trees lean in, and did the air rejoice just to be your breath?"

And to use the same bright colors as in the Saturday Evening Post print above.  So here's what I came up with:

Here's an idea of what they'll look like hanging side by side.

By the way, SB Photography is nominated again this year for Top Photographer in Eastern Iowa on KCRG's A-List!  If you like her work, you can vote for her here in this simple process!


  1. Lovely! Hmmm...maybe I should call her to take some pics of us!!! They look beautiful!

  2. I can't even tell you how much I love these. Are you making anymore? are they in the Demdaco line?

  3. These are just too cute. I ♥ them!

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