Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy Wingers!

We love this picture from the Chicago Market Preview Directory!

Long time, no blogging!

We are so busy right now!  So sorry for the lack of blog activity!

Good news is that it's all good stuff:  "This Thing Called Family" is selling very well!  We've had a ton of positive feedback, stores have sold out of their first orders and are re-ordering, many items are back ordered because they're selling so well! 

In fact, we're hard at work right now, finishing up designs for items we're ADDING to the collection for 2012!!!  We can't WAIT until we can share them with you.  It's going to be such good stuff!!!

Mamma Winger had knee surgery last week to repair her torn meniscus.  She's still on the mend, but getting a bit steadier every day.  Plus she celebrated her birthday!  What a way to spend it!  Thank you so much for all your well wishes!

Spring Break is just around the corner so the goal is to finish up our designs this week, then it's off to the Dells for a few days of indoor waterpark fun!

How about you?  How will you be spending your spring break?

Have you spotted This Thing Called Family around town?  Fill us in on where you've seen it, and/or what you bought.  Are you a shop owner who carries it?  We'd love to see pictures and feature you!

Happy Spring-Is-Just-Around-the-Corner!


  1. Good to hear the update! Not surprised that your beautiful stuff is selling out! I need to get out and find some.

  2. Beautiful blog!!! The Dells will definatley be a fun place to spend spring break!!! :)

  3. oops! I'm commenting again! :) I just took a closer look at your picture above, and my eye caught the "Love Like Crazy" decor sign. That's got to be a favorite of mine!!!

  4. Great. Now in addition to all your items, I think I want those 2 chairs in the picture too. . .

  5. I went into Dragonfly in 'downtown' Great Falls, Montana today and purchased some super cute items for Reagan's room!!! I was soo excited to tell them that I know the artists and they are super excited to have your amazing artwork in their store!!! love it!!! Soo great to have a piece of Iowa hanging on REagan's wall! xoxo