Friday, July 23, 2010

Slow Summer (art-wise)

Any artist with kids at home during the summer and all our activities and comings and goings and all of their energy and fighting and their potty training will tell you that not much gets accomplished art-wise during those so called "leisurely" months. (partly because they're following their 2 year old around waiting for the "bomb" to drop, if you know what I mean.)

But that's all OK!

Here's a look at a few new things I've sloooowly been working on this summer.

I'm in love with this message: "Welcome - enter with a happy heart." It's perfect for certain guests, AND for my OWN family, as we come and go from our home! So, I made four, because I can never make just one. :-)

Another great message:


  1. Love them all--your art work always puts a smile on my face--and I hear you with the kids-thing. I had 5--It's tough, but fun!

  2. Oh wow- I totally know what you mean. I have had to really pull back on my artwork because of the kids- and just the time it requires to be there for them.

    LOVE the welcome signs!!!

  3. i love these.
    inspired directions.
    i say

  4. Ha-ha... hope you never saw the bomb drop! I remember those days. We just spent a LOT of time outside!

    Love, love, love your new art you've shown here. It's really great... just like you and your sisters and mom!