Thursday, July 8, 2010

SB Photography

Hey there everybody!

We had several requests from friends who wanted to see pictures of the photoshoot we did with SB Photography. The purpose was to get a 'head shot' of the three of us who are creating "This Thing Called Family" for DEMDACO. It was hard to choose, but we finally decided on this one:DEMDACO plans to use it in their catalogue and sales brochures, along with our bio and I think on their website as well. (Yikes! Scary, I know!) It so happened that this all came about when the youngest Singer Thinger, Emily, was home visiting, so she got in on the fun for some of the pictures too!

Samantha and Stephen Bender run their business, SB Photography, from their beautiful home in the country, near Wellman, Iowa. They built a separate, awesome studio (jealous!) there too, but Samantha says she mostly prefers to work outside! Our outside pictures were taken at a small park in Wellman. Samantha put us quite at ease with her sense of humor and beautiful personality and the whole thing was fairly painless! ;-)

If you've never visited their website, it is a MUST. They do awesome senior pictures, family portraits and wedding photography that will knock your socks off! Love how Samantha's so good at capturing real, unrehearsed moments. Those ones are usually my favorites! I could look at these pics for hours, and I don't even know any of them!

I first met Samantha when she approached me about doing a custom piece for their family's home. I was thrilled to create something special just for them and came up with this:

Sorry for the not-so-great picture. :-( I promise it looks much better hanging in their home than it does in my crummy picture! Since then, we've had the opportunity to work with her on our Things With Wings shoot, as well as some family pictures of me, my husband and three boys. I just can't say enough positive things about them! They'd be the first to say they feel very blessed to be able to do what they love for a living. They run their business with integrity and great creativity and we wish them all the best and congratulate them on all their success!

To see more pics from the Things With Wings' photo shoot with SB Photography, please note the 'hands' picture over on the left, (one of our favorites!) visit our updated about page and this facebook album. (You do not have to be a facebook user to view the pictures!)


  1. Your pictures are adorable!!!!!!!! I love them all- especially the "jump"

  2. This is a really great picture of you guys. I think the green in the background really makes you guys pop out. I am happy about your new happy news...really great!

  3. Wonderful pictures, girls! You each look stunning =)

  4. Super great photos! You blog layout looks really nice too!

  5. Hello you gorgeous ladies!!! Love that picture of y'all! Also love that picture of your hands on the cool! Cheers to you, hope your summer is going great!