Monday, June 7, 2010

Iowa Arts Festival

Last weekend's Iowa Arts Festival was the best ever! Record breaking!
If you are visiting us for the first time, we are so excited you're here! Let us show you around a bit. Over on the left, you'll find a list of other events we will be at. Be sure to keep checking back for updates! We have two Etsy shops that are fun to browse through and you can link to them from the sidebar as well. Also, we'd love it if you'd "follow" us - so you can keep up to date on all that's going on! If you're on facebook, we'd be honored if you'd join us on our Things With Wings page! And if you haven't heard already, we've got really big, exciting news about our new licensing adventure! You can read all about it here! And now, for some pictures of our weekend:We had great weather - Saturday started out rainy, but it stopped mid morning and only sprinkled briefly a few other times. Although it looked like it could rain any minute all the rest of the day, it didn't keep people from coming out! Sunday was beautiful! The humidity went way down, it was sunny with a nice breeze. You couldn't ask for better weather. We're always prepared for anything during IAF weekend, because we've been through storms, strong winds, and vicious heat. When we get actual nice weather, we are THRILLED!!! My hubby rigged up this 'addition' off the back of our tent, using pvc pipe and one of the sides of our tent and we use it anytime we've got room for it! It's perfect for keeping us dry or shaded!

Mom's dolls are always a hit!

Cute kid-sized chairs were a hit with the kids! One little toddler girl even came up and gave it a kiss!
This is pretty much what our booth looked like most of the time: full of lovely people!

We're feeling very grateful for a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh I adore the toddler chair!!!!

  2. What a wonderfully inviting booth. I had a show this last weekeng also, and the weather was the other way around--beautiful on Saturday,but rain on Sunday. It looks like you had a great show!

  3. Wish it was in England it looks wonderful, thanks for showing.

  4. New blog is great, although what was wrong with the old one! I too love that little chair.

  5. Your booth looks wonderful...I want everything. I got my nesting owls in the mail and was so excited. They are SOOOO cute I love them. Thanks so much.

  6. wow, looks so cool, I wish they do these things here...
    anyways, lovely blog, stumbled across and stayed for a long while!
    keep it up!
    Greetings from Lithuania,