Sunday, February 14, 2010

Art Night and Wine Tasting

Here's the cute little coffee place where our event was held last night:Here's our little set up:

Our friend Keri of Creative Genius Art had some great old windows that she'd painted on, plus all of these great little things:
We had a fun time hanging out with Keri, even though sales were slow. We ended the night with a jump start while Green Girl snickered about my general lack of car knowledge and took our picture. Thanks to Keri and some random guy, or I'd be there still!

**A winner will be chosen tonight for the OWOH giveway (finally! were you like me and thought it was NEVER going to end?! :-) But you can still enter here, through 10pm CST tonight. A winner will be chosen tonight and I'll post the winner tomorrow morning!

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