Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Emily, our youngest Thing with Winger, has some good friends - Jamie and Aaron Ivey who she has the pleasure of leading worship with at her church Austin Stone. The Ivey Family recently brought their two year old daughter Story home from Haiti, (to join her two brothers already at home) but they are still waiting for their son and brother Amos to join them all. Fortunately, he is OK, but I can't imagine being away from your child when he's experienced such scary circumstances. The Ivey's had the awesome opportunity to share their story with their local news:

Jamie has put together on her blog some great ways you can help with the relief efforts underway. So PLEASE go check it out. Also, they are selling t-shirts that 100% - YES, 100% - of the profits will go to Haiti.
Go here to buy a shirt.
Most of all, the people of Haiti need your prayers. God is good - even in the midst of tragedy and He is going to work mightily in the days, weeks and months to come.


  1. I have linked to your blog today and am buying a t-shirt. Thanks!