Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lydia the Six Fingered Lady

I've been looking at other people's art blogs alot recently and Martha's Art du Jour blog struck me as funny when she mentioned that she'd painted a girl who's hair was supposed to be blowing in the breeze, but instead ended up like she had a moustache. Unfortunately for us, she didn't post a picture of the moustached lady. Since I'm all about keepin' it real around here, and I'm too lazy to start over on a piece like Martha did (yes, I'm really leaving it like that and somebody will love her anyways,) I'm going to reveal a little secret you may find more than once in my own artwork:Hands are hard for me. Remember this post? It's all about the various types of hands that show up in our artwork - and it's darn funny.

Now that I've pointed out all of Lydia's flaws, I'll announce that she's for sale for $35. Don't let her six fingeredness scare you off. We all have our weaknesses.


  1. such a cute piece...and i LOVE all of those extra fingers! :)

  2. i have the same problem!
    Check out my new cupcake girl...her hand is like a saucer!

  3. Extra fingers makes it extra special!! I love the words she is of my favorites.

  4. Oh, Lydia. What ever will we do with you? Come to my house.

  5. I love your work! What a coincidence that I have to draw in my sketchbook for drawing class a page of my hands and another of my feet!! It is a continuous-line type of drawing with marker.