Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Change is good ($29)
Girl with wings ($29)

These will go to my Etsy shop soon. I have 4 of these girls and one in particular was giving me fits. I didn't post a picture of the 'problem girl'. I'm just going to be honest. Everytime I looked at her, I saw Michael Jackson. I'm JUST being honest. We're not talking about cute like Michael from the Jackson 5 days, we're talking scary Michael. I think it was the nose. I actually threw her in the garbage because she disturbed me so much. Then I pulled her back out....reworked her and am trying to give her a 2nd chance. It's not HER fault, after all.


  1. in the name of all that's holy, DO NOT THROW HER AWAY! I can't believe you. give her to me if you don't want her. I'll love her. plastic surgery gone horribly wrong and all.

  2. No, No, No I fixed worries! She now kinda has a crack down the side of her face, but it looks kind of cool...