Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Work of Art

Here is the youngest member of our Like Mother Like Daughters group from Things with Wings and other Things. She is Emily, a singer/songwriter currently from Austin, TX. She was visiting us in her hometown of Iowa City, IA recently. She does not contribute to this blog, because she claims to not be an artist. But if you heard her sing, play guitar or piano, see her original compositions, you would know what we know - that this is what God made her to do. She is beautiful inside and out. A work of art. Working at her art. 27 and single. Anybody out there in blogland know a handsome young single man? He has to be a strong Christian and a wacky fun guy (not to be confused with fungi). Let us know. Since she's way down in TX, she can't strangle me. (or stop me). ha! Whoa, I'm gonna stop myself! That took a turn there. Anyway, yes, she is definitely an artist!!! Funky and fun. We love her and we miss her when she's away.


  1. MOTHER!!!! wow. You better be glad that I'm 1,000 miles away from you right now!! haha! I do miss you, you crazy mom!

  2. Mom. You need to stop. You've turned into your own walking eharmony.

  3. I wish I knew a man WORTHY of marrying Emily. I'll keep my eyes peeled in CA. :) Love your blog, love your daughter more than life.