Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grace Awakening

Us girls got together yesterday to create some canvases to be used in this Sunday's services at our church. Our pastor of Worship and the Arts, Scott will be continuing to speak on "Grace Awakening." We used natural colors and a simpler font for the first canvas to convey the idea that God's Common Grace is available for all people to enjoy - through nature, God's creation, music, art etc. We can all appreciate and enjoy common grace, whether we acknowledge where it's come from or not. In contrast is God's Saving Grace:
We used a bit bolder colors, more jewel-toned, and a fancier font. God's Saving Grace is revealed to us through the Word and through Jesus' life and death on the cross. I am so thankful for God's Saving Grace! I know I deserve punishment for my sins, but God, in his merciful power, sacrificed his Son instead. For MY sins and yours. His Saving Grace covered all my sins. I certainly didn't deserve that. And I certainly can't earn it or pay back what what was done for me. All I can do is accept the amazing gift of his Saving Grace.

Of course we had to add some of our signature look to it:

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