Sunday, December 2, 2007

Icky Ice

Despite the ice storm we were committed to having our holiday open house. The postcards had been sent, the food made, the living room emptied - we were going through with it! Not ice, nor rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor any wierd combination of all of the above could stop us!

Unfortunately only a handful of brave souls were crazy enough to venture out in the treacherous weather. But we had a fun day anyway! We joked that sometimes we girls just like to play 'art show' amongst ourselves just for fun. We like to get out all the stuff and set it all up, just for pretend. Ok, maybe you had to be there.

Next year, we are going to remember to put an alternate inclement weather date on our postcards. We are already looking forward to next year's Christmas show, and hope you all are doing the same. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us next time! Stinky ice!

Here are some pictures from the day (see what you all missed?!):

This is what happens when you let boys help you hang things up:


  1. Me, too! And why not? We worked hard and we deserved it.

  2. You gals worked VERY hard! Too bad the weather was stinky. But hey, you were together, enjoyed those who did come and got to see all of your art displayed & got to talk about next year!

    The pieces look so awesome!

  3. I'm so glad you posted what the rooms looked like. Obviously I was a bit far away to attend, but I love seeing all your stuff & the way you decorated.
    Sorry the weather was crummy. Sounds like 'pretending' was just as fun for you!

  4. BTW -- I have dedicated our 1st floor guest bathroom into a collage of all the stuff I've received from Jill & Connie (Laura, I need to get some of your stuff!) from shows & gifts.

    It was cool to unpack a stand-up Santa that Connie made years ago, so now even 'your gallery' is Christmas-y AND funky!