Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Collaborative Family Art Journal

C.R. Gibson, the company that makes our line, {Enjoy} the Little Things, recently gave us one of their Markings journals to doodle in and share with all of you!

Periodically, you'll be getting glimpses into this collaborative family art journal via our Instagram.  We'll be passing it back and forth between the three of us, so it should be really interesting!  
You'll want to make sure you're following us over there!

To see what other artists have done in their journals, visit MarkingsJournals on Instagram.  

Here's one of the first 2-page spreads I (jill) whipped up, based on a recent popular piece that several teachers requested for their classrooms.

 Next, I passed the journal on to Mama Winger, so stay tuned (on Instagram) for photos of her new journal pages!

Can't wait to see more of what Mama Winger and Green Girl come up with!

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  1. Lol Love that and such a cool owl, looks so laid back!