Monday, December 2, 2013

First Open House Giveaway Announced!

All this week we'll be introducing you to the artists who will be at our Holiday Open House and announcing their giveaways!

It's hard to believe that NEXT WEEKEND is the open house!!!
Did you get an invite?
It's not too late and everyone is welcome - we'll email it to you!

First up is Shadley! Here's what she has to say:
"My giveaway is an 8x10 acrylic painting on canvas and is just a taste of my work.  My larger body of work includes abstract acrylic paintings on upcycled windows.  My love of color shows in my work and people have fun trying to figure out what they mean, if anything!  If you're a fan of more representational work, I also have paintings depicting fun flowers and other things.  These windows add a pop of color and give the illusion of light and space in your home.  Please stop by and say hi!"
Shadley's Giveaway

You can enter the drawing for Shadley's piece (and much more!) by attending our open house this coming weekend in Iowa City and putting your name in the jar!

This is a great opportunity to buy unique, handmade gifts for the people on your Christmas list!  Plus we'll have yummy treats waiting for you!

 If you need an invite, email us at
Feel free to bring a friend!!!

Stay tuned - every day this week we'll let you in on another giveaway that will be up for grabs next weekend!

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