Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Custom School Sign and Art/App Mash-Ups

I've been working on a welcome sign that will go in my kids' school office!  It will be one of the first things that visitors, parents and students see so we wanted it to fill up the space and have a big impact.  It is 3 ft x 8ft and certainly big!  It could barely be contained within the walls of my studio and required an "extension" to my already huge table!

My husband dropped it off up at the school this morning. This was such a fun project, but I'm glad to get it out of my art room!  I'll show you another picture sometime, once it's hung up in the office!

Here are a few photos of our artwork that I recently enhanced using the Rhonna Designs iPhone app and instagram.  (Follow us on Instagram for even more app/art mashups and lots of puppy pictures!)
We already shared these on facebook,  but thought you might like to see them here too:

And, just because she's irresistible, here are a few recent pics of Mabel for your viewing pleasure!

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