Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ABC Table

Momma Winger here! I just delivered another ABC childrens table that I painted and sold.  I had it sitting in my living room for 2 weeks after it was finished.  WHY? 
a) the customer was not ready for it yet.
b) It was snowy and icy out, couldn't get it delivered by myself without falling or dropping it!
c) I wasn't finished admiring my work yet.
d) I felt tempted to keep it!
e) It needed to go through my special "be still" waiting period where I pray over it & for the kids who will be using it while it sits still and the finish gets hard and durable.

All of these answers are true.  Here is a photo of the top.  The side edges are dark gray with white polka-dots and the legs are an antiqued mustard color.  So adorable if I do say so myself.


  1. Beautiful table and even more precious since you pray over it for the children who will use it.

  2. Love my ABC mural ==made with my grandchildren in mind! Love your creativity.

  3. LOVE!!! It is absolutely adorable :D When I used to paint murals and faux finishes the clients would usually leave while I painted in their house alone day after day and I would always pray for them as I worked! :) What a privilege God has given us!