Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Art by Green Girl Laura

This little light of mine....I'm gonna let it shine.

...And sparkle, and twinkle, and maybe even bedazzle!

Everybody's got at least a glimmer.

We all started out shiny and clean and new and sparkly.

Then we got a bit tarnished and dinged up, dusty and muffled just by living life.

Sometimes it's been easier and safer to pull down the shades and pull up the blankets and hide out, waiting for I don't know what.  Sometimes we've disguised our lights so that it looks like everyone else's.  Sometimes we've let other people have control of the dimmer switch. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control have dampened our spirits beyond what we think even God can fix.  Sometimes we've forgotten or gotten too busy to rekindle the flame. But I think we all still have a spark inside of us that is just waiting to reignite.

That Spark is the kind of joy that only comes from God.  And God has made your sparkly light different than everyone else's, special and unique, created just for you but meant to be shared.

He can bring that tiny little spark back to a blinding and dazzling light!  He can redeem ANYTHING.

Do you hear me?  ANY THING.

Whatever it is that makes you uniquely you, let it ALL sparkle.  Make a decision to shine.  Choose it again and again every day.  Don't let any one or any thing ever dull your sparkle again.

Don't hold out on us now; no one else on earth can give your particular shine to the world except for you.

It is your gift to me, and mine to you.

So what are we waiting for?!  Life's way too short!

Let's let our lights shine.

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