Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Fun

I received lots of swell valentines from my students today, but as always, the handmade cards are the ones that touch my heart. Can you hardly stand the cuteness? The large Mrs. Berends heart is so glitzy and so like the girl who made it! And have you ever seen a valentine tootsie angel? Me neither, but I am so impressed!!! The google eyes and heart shaped halo crack me up, just like the munchkin who gave it to me. I love my artsy kids!


  1. Oooohhhh....I knew we were kindred spirits! I, too, am a preschool teacher. It's in my soul. Thanks again for your extra touches on the beautiful artpiece. It is again hanging in my hall. "Joy is kind of a REALLY big deal." Thanks again...your visit made my week and your art makes my heart happy. Happy Heart's Day!

  2. I love the tootsie roll pop butterfly!