Friday, February 11, 2011

This Family Is Funny.

I'm taking a huge risk in sharing the deepest darkest dreams of my sister with all of you, but I had to.  She's just going to have to trust me on this one.  It's for her own good.  I'm sure this is all very therapeutic.  And besides, it's too funny not to.  Here's the email she sent my mother and I this morning.  I think she must have still been having flashbacks:

"I had a weird dream last night. We did a Christmas line for Demdaco* and we went to their showroom for the first time to see it. It was like we didn't know what was going to be in the line so it was all really surprising. We were walking around and you guys all had this really cute stuff, ornaments, etc. and everything of mine was KOALA BEARS. And I was like.....But.....but...I do owls. Not koala bears. And Jill you were trying to convince me that they were really great and stuff. And then I was like "Is EVERYTHING of mine koala bears??" and Mom brings over this box and says "Here this is yours!" and I opened it to find a 3 ornament set sold together. The first one was a little koala bear coated in yellow glitter, the second was a hot wheels car with a string attached for hanging and the third was this little figurine of Jesus and he was playing a Kenny G saxophone. I kid you not. I was so upset. And I was like, they don't even GO together, why would they put them in a set together! (Like, that's what I should have been worried about....)  It was all just discombobulating and I feel better talking about it."

 *(we're really not. so don't start any rumors.)

 And then here is the response that she just got from our dear ole mother:
 "God has sent you a special message via a dream - like He did with Jacob and Joseph!  You are a special chosen one.  Keep those creative ideas on the back burner, girl!"
 Who knows, maybe koalas are going to be the next big thing?!

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  1. Koala bears used to be my favorite..the little fuzzy ones that you piched open and closed to attached onto things like backpacks!