Monday, August 30, 2010

Hopeful Birds

These birds are large and in charge and full of hope. I like how the backgrounds turned out - a wash of paint that really lets the wood grain show through.

I will be grateful for this day:{11x32 inches}

Live courageously in the arms of grace:
{11x32 inches}

There will always be a little voice inside us whose constant song is that of hope:
{9x39 inches}


  1. Lovely work and good to see a picture of you all back again

  2. i love these birds
    a CRAZY amount ~
    espec. the hope one/
    it's colors & message.
    ahhhhh, soul drool
    & BIG heart pitter patter.

  3. Those are of course super cute! I really like the blue background the best. I like the way the wood shows...great job as always.

  4. Absolutely delightful