Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Times!

Two recent sayings that I LOVE:

Cute scallops on the sides:
We've got some busy times ahead of us, so now's the time to get prepared! When we go to the Rivertown Art Festival May 15-16, Emily (The Austin Thing With Winger you see so little of - she's a rare bird) will be joining us! She'll fly into Minneapolis that Saturday of the festival, hang out with us, and come back to Iowa for a 2 week visit! This means we'll have to sell alot so that there'll be room for her and all her luggage on the trip back! We're so excited - but you can imagine there probably won't be a lot of arting going on while she's home. There's only 3 weeks between Rivertown and the Iowa Arts Festival June 5-6, (two of which Emily will be here) so we're preparing now for both! I say we put the thinger to work, painting black and white checks or serenading us while we paint, or something, but she might see it differently.

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