Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh, What A Day It Was!

We had lots of help from our very own art fairy who helped us set up for our open house. See how helpful she is? Ten ornaments on one branch is totally the way to go. More signs of an art fairy at work:Here's our area -

Deb's table (the square and tree paintings in the front are Shadley's):
(That tree was LOADED with handmade ornaments! Made by me, my mom and sister.)

Shadley's work:
Diana and Marissa's jewelry:
Treats with a lovely handmade centerpiece by Laura:
It was a fun day! Lots of laughing, lots of good friends, lots of new faces, lots of treats, and good weather besides. It was totally the happenin' place to be on Saturday. ;) We're already kickin' around the idea of a spring open house.


  1. I WISH I WAS THERE.. I can't never say enough about the work you ladies produce. Are you going to put any on the blog for sale?!?!?!??! ;)


  2. My New Year's goal is to get my Etsy store up and running. That's the goal anyways. Yikes!