Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is my view from my bathroom window. The fuzzy stuff you see in the nest is the tops of baby birds heads!!! I mean it's right out my window in the honeysuckle vine. When I first saw them, their little gold beaks were sticking up in the air wide open, but we must have startled them and they snuggied down in the nest by the time I got my camera. We think they are robins, but we haven't seen Mommy Bird yet. What a thrill it was to discover them. And gosh, they are things with wings, aren't they???!!! God is amazing!


  1. ooooh, how lucky you are to have new life begin before your eyes! Thanks for sharing!

    I LOVE your houses too - I know they'll be a hit!

    iN jOy,

  2. With yellow beaks I bet they are baby robins, we have a robin nesting in our honeysuckle too! I love this!