Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our Favorite Mother's Day Gifts

If you're looking for a unique gift for the moms in your life OR you want to put a bug in someone's ear about what they can get YOU for Mother's Day then listen up!

There are 2 great online resources that we highly recommend.  They both have TONS of awesome ideas for Mother's Day gifts from our line "This Thing Called Family."

Check them out:

Here you'll find all of the new mom rules (above) - even one for Dad and Grandma!  You'll even be able to preorder a few pieces from our new Christmas collection, which will ship next month!

Here you'll find LOADS of cool home decor from TTCF (below) like the word blocks, a weekly chalkboard to help Mom stay organized, our magnetic family tree for all her favorite photos, and the family mobile.

We love, love, love BOTH of these fine retailers - can't say enough good things about them - and are so thankful that they believe in what we're doing!

*Up until Mother's Day, we'll be pinning all of our favorite Mother's Day ideas, (gifts, cards, homemade projects for the kids, family activities and quotes) from anywhere and everywhere, and all over the internet!  (It's not all about us - I promise!)  Come join us on Pinterest and get inspired! 

(But do feel free to pin these collages if you see something here you like! :-)     

Monday, April 22, 2013

What Does Our Silence Mean? and Something Good is Coming Up!

Wondering if we're still alive?

Our blogging silence only means that good things are in the works!

We've been hard at work designing for DEMDACO's 2014 release of LOTS of wonderful new products for "This Thing Called Family."   I know we always say this, but these really are going to be the best yet!

We have some new adventures in the works as well that we can't wait to tell you about, but it's still just a little bit too early to say just what!

Unsettled by all of the terrible, weird and sad things happening lately all over the world, it makes us hug each other tighter, be a little more patient, and appreciate each other just a little bit more.  Despite it all, we still believe in the goodness of people and that Love will always, ALWAYS win.  We hope you still feel that way too.

This time of year is also busy with all of the end of the year school stuff that the Powers That Be always insist on cramming into a short time period: field trips, projects, concerts, programs, conferences.... makes us almost long for summer vacation!

Plus, me (Jill) and my family are nearing the end of our house building experience (right down the street!) and got an offer on our current house the first day it was on the market!  Preparing to move the end of May --yikes!  It has been a totally life-consuming experience: decisions, de-cluttering, negotiating, keeping the house clean and more decisions!  Here's a little peek into one of my favorite parts of the new house!!!

I could go on and on about house stuff- but it would get obnoxious!

So anyway, we hope you haven't given up on us, because we've got something exciting coming up and it's going to last a whole WEEK!!!  It involves you and our new mom rules and a certain holiday that's coming up soon that honors the most under-appreciated, overworked, misunderstood, but yet gorgeous group of people.... ok I might be biased.  But you see where I'm going with this?!   So keep coming back and hanging in there!